Ten Acres Enough

How A Very Small Farm May Be Made To Keep A Very Large Family

“The leading idea in my mind was this – that a man of ordinary industry and intelligence, by choosing a proper location within hourly reach of a great city market, could so cultivate a few acres as to insure a maintenance for his family”

– Edmund Morris


“I was nearly always short of ready cash”

Edmund Morris has inspired many people over the years to become more self-sufficent, regardless of the size of their land (or backyard). Coming close to bankruptcy on more than one ocassion Edmund found his city business had stopped being profitable “Previous to this crisis, necessity had driven me to the banks…As is always the case with these institutions, they compelled me to return the borrowed money at the very time it was least convenient for me to do so – they needed it as urgently as myself.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Edmund had struggled with bills and city life for many years, borrowing to pay off other debts, and fighting to stay afloat. City business was in trouble, the banks were in trouble – in fact, the financial backdrop he lived through is very similar to the situation we are finding ourselves in today, except that this was over a hundred years ago. Having realised the rent he was paying did nothing but increase his landlords wealth, he decided he wanted to buy some land for a small farm; to build his own house on, raise enough fruit and veg and livestock to feed his own family, and have the excess to sell at nearby markets – he wanted security and independence for himself and his family.

In this ebook Edmund details the first 3 years of his ‘back to the land’ experience; how he selected the land, what he chose to grow, the animals he raised, planning and managing his fully stocked kitchen garden and the layout of his fields. He also passes along many tips for planting and growing his selection of fruits and veg as well as sharing his experiences with cows, pigs and chickens. He explains honestly what worked for him and what did not.

You Don’t Need to have ten acres of land to enjoy and learn from
Edmund’s story

“The promise of the title is well performed in the execution of this excellent little book. There is an air of good sense and simplicity about the author that recommends strongly to the reader this story of his experience.”

– James Miller NY Times

In Ten Acres Enough you will discover the full account of Edmund Morris’s experiences, interweaved with the growth and expansion of the USA at that time and a little sprinkling of an endearing ‘Little House On The Prairie’ kind of lifestyle. A true ‘back to the land’ classic!

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