Beekeeping Demonstration

This video has lots of beekeeping tips including how to use the smoker, what to look for when examining the colony and how to identify the queen bee. It starts off with how to light a smoker :

“There’s many different ways to do things. There’s different opinions in beekeeping, there’s different ways people light smokers and there’s different ways people keep bees. This is the way I light a smoker, it’s worked for me for many years. What I do is I get the empty smoker, make sure we have some good air flow in it and I just get a small handful of pine straw and fold it up kind of tight and pull the extras off, and I light the bottom of it and get it going and then sit it in the bee smoker. I get a decent base fire going and I give it a little bit of air and make sure the fire gets pretty good heat to it and decent smoke coming out of it. I’ll let it go for a little while and then I’ll push the straw down inside the smoker and I’ll slowly add more pine straw to it so it is packed tight. By the time you get it good and packed you’ll have a good smoke and once a good smoker is lit it should last for a long time (as long as you are using good pine straw) – a big smoker like the one shown in the video which has a good amount of resin in it could stay lit all day if added to periodically.”