FAQ : What is an Ebook? | How Can I listen to your Audiobooks? | How Will I Get My Order


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What Is An Ebook?

An Ebook is a book which has been written or converted to be distributed and read electronically. The Ebook format we use for books on this site is Adobe PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format). There are free apps which allow Adobe PDF ebooks to be read on almost any ebook reader, tablet or similar device. They can also be read on any computer, using free Adobe Reader® software — the latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded freely from their site:

How Can I listen to your Audiobooks?

The audiobooks we sell are in mp3 format. Mp3 files can be played on your computer, ipod, mp3 player or other audio capable device or burnt to cd – any way you like really so long as it is just for your own personal use.

How will I get my order?

We can accept secure payments by all major credit cards and paypal, which is processed securely by Clickbank. Once payment has been made there will be a button saying something like ‘click here to complete your order’ which will forward you to the download page for your order.