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 Guinea Fowl are versatile birds that can bring a lot of excitement and assistance to any farm or garden.

As an alarm system they can’t be beat, setting up a racket that will scare away intruders – or unwelcome in-laws! Gardeners love these birds because they eat a variety of insects, making them worth their weight in expensive insecticide. And then, there are people who have fallen in love with their quirkiness and the easy of care associated with these gray birds with featherless heads.

“They would be happily foraging in the dusty yard, and then something would offend or alarm them. Maybe one of the Barnevelders looked askance or a goose stepped too close. Who knows? But suddenly, in a manner I can only call molto agitato, the whole flock of them would come tearing across the yard, like mini ballerinas with ruffled tutus. Then they’d calm down, look about as if feeling a little foolish, and resume their search for six-legged morsels skittering in the dirt. With their loud, nasally cries, they made even better ‘watch birds’ than the geese. Certainly they were less haughty.”

– Margaret Hargrave

Keeping Guineas can be a lot of fun.

Their characteristics include vain (they will spend a lot of time by a mirror or reflective glass door if you have one!), noisy, funny, sweet, entertaining, shy, wary, alert, excellent at pest control, good ‘watchdogs’, flighty and wild!

In Guinea Fowl : A Guide To Raising Guineas you will learn about the history and care of Guinea Fowl including specifics about hatching and raising keets, free-ranging, feeding and housing, co-existing with chickens and more!

“Such amusing creatures. Always a source of entertainment, rain or shine!”– Katy Caselli

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