Ultimate Survival Bundle – Bonus

The Ultimate Survival bundle sale

This Offer is now closed but you can still choose your bonus if you purchased through my link – just use the contact form on this site to let me know your name, invoice id and the product you want as a bonus.

The Ultimate Survival Bundle is a collection of ebooks, audios and videos from 36 contributors (including me) covering topics around survival and preparedness. This bundle has a real world value of over $700 and covers a wide range of homesteading and survival topics from keeping goats and growing and preserving your own food to how to build a shelter and find food in the wilderness, alternative energy, alternative medicine and gun control laws.

A few of the titles that stood out for me personally are ‘Livestock Guardian Animals: Donkeys, Llamas, and Livestock Guardian Dogs to Protect Your Property and Stock’, ‘Real Food Storage’, ‘Build a Better Greenhouse (videos and ebook plan)’, ‘Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook’, ‘How to Power Your House from Your Car (audio)’, ‘Must Love Goats’, and ‘101 Uses for 9 Essential Oils in a Disaster’ but with over 50 products on the download page there is bound to be something (several things?) to interest everyone whatever your personal interests are in this area.

Bonus Options :

A Guide To Raising Guineas

Building Your Own Greenhouse

Chicken Coop Plan Collection (10 Chicken coop plans)

Common Sense In the Poultry Yard

Herbal Remedies Handbook

Hydroponic Gardening

Plain Cookin’, Recipes From The Heartland

Successful Beekeeping ABCs

Success With Poultry 900 Questions and Answers

Ten Acres Enough

Vegetable Gardening