Organic Gardening and Farming

06. Organic Gardening and Farming

Organic means no chemicals. Invariably this means lower yields. It also means virtually zero exposure to carcinogens. Organic produce is extremely expensive, but there are very strong potential health and environmental benefits to organic farming. There has been very strong market demand in recent years for organic produce. It is not uncommon for organic produce to be 200 – 400% higher in cost than conventional produce.

Organic vegetables have become very popular in recent years. One major reason is that countries that have reduced the presence of pesticides in the food supply have seen a corresponding drop in cancer rates. Israel banned 21 pesticides in 1995. In the next 3 years the country saw a 30% drop in cancer across the board. It is not a big secret that pesticides are related to cancer. It is well-known in public health and educational institutions. The inclusion of pesticides and other chemicals in the human diet promote cancer, birth defects and other mutations in the human genome.

Many garden owners sight the exclusion of chemicals as the main reason for starting a garden. The organic approach is a more healthful approach to the human diet. Some of these chemicals are so strong that their active ingredient is often used in cancer experiments to generate tumors! It is in your best interest to spare pesticides and other chemicals whenever possible.

We have discussed the positive aspects of gardening like the personal experience of growing a healthful platter of garden vegetables. We have reviewed techniques and vegetable classifications. We have talked about transplanting plants and growing indoors. We did not discuss hydroponics and other growth methods, but these would be a welcome addition in another book. We want you to take away some really important points from this book:

  • Plant growth requires commitment, care and the right growth methods.
  • Gardening can be a very diverse hobby. Some gardeners may be businessmen; some could be health-oriented while others could be decorators. There is room for everyone at this table.
  • The benefits of gardening are beyond count, but the most strategic is that the gardener can produce and harvest whatever plants he wishes.

We have enjoyed expounding on the benefits of gardening and the plethora of wonderful produce that can be had. We would like to leave you with our best wishes in growing whatever delights you.