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Nuts: Honorable Mention

Most nuts we know of are considered nuts because of culinary definitions. This book has referred to almost every item in it using culinary definitions. The term “vegetable” is almost always used to refer to items known for their savory taste. While nuts are not vegetables we felt that we need to mention them because nuts serve a very important purpose in nature and at our tables. Nuts are radically different to vegetables because they almost always come from trees. Nuts are also a highly revered food source because they are a high-energy food source and can be pressed for oil.

Conclusively, nuts are extremely high in calories. From a botanical definition, most items referred to as nuts are actually drupes or seeds. True nuts are dried fruit with a hardened ovary wall. Nuts are known for their oils, and should be added in cooking carefully because many people are allergic to nuts.

On the other side of the spectrum, nuts have been shown to have positive affects on cardiac health. Overall, nuts are known for possible positive health effects, and are a prized food source.