Growing Leeks

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History and Background of Leeks

The leek is from the same family as the onion. The leek is a collection of elongated leaves, and the upper part of the plant looks exactly like the traditional green onion. Leeks have a history longer than 4000 years and were prized by the empires of the ancient world like the Egyptians and Sumerians. The vegetable is a favorite of the Welsh.

Leek varieties include:

· Siberia
· Electra
· Carina
· Goliath
· Kilima
· Jolant
· American Flag, and
· King Richard

Leeks are roughly divided into two groups of summer leeks and over-wintering leeks. These refer to growing seasons.

Leek Growing Needs

Leeks are often started indoors and transplanted out in mid-March and early April. This is done after the last frost, and when soil temperatures are warm. Leeks grow best in warm soil with lots of manure, and thrive in moist, well-aerated soils. The best soils are relatively neutral, and they are at their best in moderate climates.

Leek Pests

Soil borne fungus and root maggots routinely attack leeks. Root maggots can be taken care of with an insecticide.