Feeding Chickens

Feeding Chickens

QUESTION What is the objection to too much wet or sloppy foods such as mashes?
ANSWER – It is nature’s plan for the fowl to grind the food with grit in the gizzard and this activity is necessary for good health. Too much mash food produces sluggishness of this organ and disease results.

QUESTION What is meant by “mash”?
ANSWER – The term is applied to food in a mealy or powdered form, usually ground grains, to which is added liquids and thoroughly mixed to a wet, crumbly consistency.

QUESTION What advantage is there in feeding linseed meal, oil meal, oil cake and other like foods?
ANSWER – They are of an oily composition and are supposed to aid in growing feathers, thus being especially valuable before and during the molting period. They are also valuable as a mild laxative.

QUESTION Are table scraps good for fowls?
ANSWER – As a general rule they are too highly seasoned and too concentrated to be fed in large quantities. They affect fowls as a continued diet of very rich food affects people. The result is indigestion and liver disease. Table scraps should be fed sparingly and mixed with ground grain.

The above questions and answers were taken from ‘A GUIDE TO SUCCESS WITH POULTRY – Over 900 Questions and Answers‘.