Chicken Houses

Chicken House Questions

QUESTION Is paint better than whitewash for the inside of a poultry house?
ANSWER – No. Not as good.

QUESTION Is it necessary to have an outside run with scratching shed houses?

QUESTION What is the best location for the poultry house?
ANSWER – An ideal location would be on the edge of an orchard, with the house facing toward the south or southeast. The land should slope away from the house to prevent water draining toward it and causing dampness.

QUESTION What are the objections to cement or brick floors?
ANSWER – They are too hard and are unyielding to the scratching of the fowls. They cause diseases of the foot, and particularly bumble foot, which is similar to stone bruise.

The above questions and answers were taken from ‘A GUIDE TO SUCCESS WITH POULTRY – Over 900 Questions and Answers‘.

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