Self-Sufficient-Life.com has been on the web since 2007 but the majority of the authors involved in writing the books and articles on this site have been interested in their particular self sufficiency and homesteading topic(s) for much longer.


Gina Read

Having come from a long line of farmers and farm workers and growing up with a father keenly interested in ‘The Good Life’ (mother not so much, especially when the ducks would get into the house) it is probably not too surprising that Gina has herself become interested in small holding and self sufficiency topics. Her principal obsession being with keeping chickens for which she is now approaching six years as editor of the Keeping Chickens Newsletter.

Kathy Quackenbush

The recipes in “Plain Cookin’ – Volume 1” are inspired by Kathy’s family. In fact, Kathy has painstakingly transcribed many of the recipes from yellowed, dog-eared pages of her great-grandmother, grandmother and her Mom.

Kathy hails from southwestern Kansas where she was born and raised on the family homestead in a huge white farmhouse. She remembers driving the old 1930’s vintage truck to haul the crops as a very young girl and fishing in the pond on the property.

Kathy grew up on that farm, went away to college, married, raised four sons and started her own successful floral business. She never forgot the values that were instilled in her as a child.

Preparing these recipes to share, and more to come in future volumes, was a labor of love. It brought back many happy memories of lazy summer days and cold winter nights.

Terry Martyn Jr

about-honey-bee-on-flowerTerry will always be grateful to his grandfather who let him help with his bee hives and learn about the productive and puzzling creatures inside them.

In his Successful Beekeeping ABCs he has tried to cover as many aspects as he could without loading the reader down with too much theory or opinion.

Over his years of keeping bees he has found many benefits other than the delicious honey, but says the best thing for him has been the people that he has met from all types of backgrounds that have shared their experiences and ideas in beekeeping.