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Comparison chart for more than 60 breeds of chickens.

Raising chickens is one of the first steps to self sufficiency that many people take. Aswell as providing much enjoyment and amusement one of the many benefits keeping chickens is the eggs that they give us.

Throughout all chicken breeds there are essentially four types of chickens:

1. Egg Breeds
2. Meat Breeds
3. General Purpose Breeds
4. Fancy Breeds

1. Egg Chicken Breeds. The most noteworthy characteristics of the egg breeds are : Small size, active and nervous temperament, early maturity, non-broodiness, good foraging habits, and sensitiveness to cold.

2. Meat breeds. Among the characteristics of the meat breeds may be mentioned large size, gentleness in disposition, slowness in movement, poor foraging proclivities, as a rule poor laying qualities, late maturity and persistent broodiness.

3. General-purpose breeds. These are of medium size, are good table birds, fair layers, less active than the egg breeds, but more so than the meat breeds, and are good sitters and mothers.

4. Fancy breeds. Bantams of various varieties ; Polish and Silkies come under this head, and are raised chiefly for some peculiarity of form or feather without regard to useful qualities.

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