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January 2009

Portable Chicken Run Fencing Tip
from Terry Wagg

Love your newsletter so I thought I would offer this suggestion / tip.

Thinking of making a portable chicken run? Then why not use old industrial security fencing panels? They help ease the cost and provide you with a run that is light-weight, portable, safe and enduring.

I guess they must be in use all over the world, and thus available to
everyone, but here in the UK it is possible to buy the sort of wire mesh
fence panels insisted upon by the Health & Safety people as safety barriers around construction sites and the like. These make absolutely excellent pens, or yards as I believe our American cousins call them.

Their original purpose is to surround a construction site as an easily
erectable security panel - stopping thieves and the like getting in. They
are made from light-weight aluminum alloy frames encasing welded wire
sheets, usually measuring 2 metres by either 2 or 3 metres or so (about 6 feet six inches by nine or ten feet approx). Each panel is secured to
the next by two 'cheap' metal clamps and are fitted into heavy rubber feet every two metres - but you don't need the feet. Unfortunately the rubber feet ensures that the bottom on the fence panel sits about six inches above the ground - very undesirable if you have foxes in the

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