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Keeping Chickens Newsletter

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January 2009

Judy Stearns : Good Morning Gina - I realize that you are not from the United States, but I live in Michigan in the US and have too many roosters - They are beautiful and I cannot find it in myself to butcher them just because they happen to be male - If you get any request for roosters in Michigan, would you let me know? - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all, but the hens are getting tired of so many roosters - There is only one that is aggressive, the others are friendly; not sitting on your lap friendly, but they can be handled - Thanks for any help you can give.

Todd Bardsley : Can guineas and chickens be housed together? And are their eggs good to eat? Thank you so very much. TODD - in Nashville, Indiana

My Reply : Guineas and chickens can in theory be housed together and in many cases do get along just fine but they are naturally more 'wild' than chickens so occasionally there can be problems - it seems to be in smaller groups of guineas (say 6 or less) that this can show itself the most. If they are able to free range over a large area they are happiest and will tend to keep themselves together as a group of guineas seperate from the chickens. They will breed with chickens, but any chicks will be infertile. Their eggs are very tasty but small.

Karen Pickering : Hello Gina, I live in Brisbane and wondered if any of your readers could advise me on a good laying hen/hens for this part of Australia. I have just subscribed to your newsletter and so far have found it very interesting. Just need to buy some chickens now to get things started. With Kind Regards, Karen

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