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Keeping Chickens Newsletter

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Keeping Chickens Newsletter

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January 2009

This fall the chickens went on a "hay ride", enjoying a pile of weeds stopped on the way to the compost pile! Zinnia, Rudy and Poppy are on the wheelbarrow.

Our cockerel Rudy is a little aggressive but we talk to him in a stern tone and sometimes carry a stick. The girls are very sweet and they all run around like little crazy feathered dinosaurs, creating little circles where they've scratched in the leaves, making our wooded areas look like alien visitation sites!

We're getting 4-5 eggs a day, with the Wyandottes laying medium brown eggs, some with speckles, and the Leghorn Zinnia (we think she's a Leghorn) laying very light brown eggs. Their eggs are delicious and I've found one double-yolker so far. And their shells have all been very adequate, none soft (we live in a limestone area, and as one of your readers mentioned, this might be helping to make hard shells).

The day after Thanksgiving I gave our black labrador some leftover chunks from a turkey carcass. Two of the Wyandottes hung around and pilfered turkey bits from the dog! It was really fun to watch and our dog didn't seem to mind a bit. I hope all of your readers are enjoying their chickens as much as we are! JC Finch

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