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200 Eggs

Success With Poultry

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Egg Recipes

Egg Recipe ‘Eggstravaganza’

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Plus The “Lost Lessons” Of Chicken Keeping

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Lost Lessons

These five “lessons” were a Poultry Husbandry reading course published by the Oregon Agricultural College when James Dryden was the professor of poultry husbandry there (James Dryden developed the first 300 eggs a year hen)

I call them the “Lost Lessons” because it took me nearly two years to find all five parts, but finally I have (thank-you ebay!) This course contains:

Breeds Of Chickens | Housing Of Chickens | Feeding For Eggs | Diseases Of Chickens | Incubating And Brooding Chickens

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that these are digital books in pdf format.
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Whether you are experienced with keeping chickens or a complete novice you will benefit from the years of poultry keeping experience contained within these guides!

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